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Thank you Ellen and JoJo for showing us what good shaggin' looks like!!

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Mike & Inge
(November, 2013)

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Please note:   Apart from this page, we haven't bothered to update this website since 2002 -- simply, the "dance portion" of our lives was soon taken up with local group classes, private lessons, workshops worldwide -- England (London & Cambridge), Spain (Barcelona), Australia (Sydney, Adelaide & Perth), NZ (Auckland & Hamilton), South Africa (Cape Town), China (Beijing) and, closer to home (Buffalo, Detroit, Hamilton, Toronto, Waterloo, etc.), plus teaching on cruise ships (30+ times on 5 lines ...still get offers, but prefer now just to relax on long cruises and enjoy dancing each evening).   

Perhaps we'll get around to updating the other pages over the coming year ...maybe.   

Meanwhile, feel free to poke around a bit to learn more about us, how we started dancing (and teaching) and why we still do it.    On those items, nothing has changed.

How To Contact Us - Apart from phoning (see below), the SAFEST way to reach us (given our schedule/travels) is via email    ...BUT be sure to INCLUDE a first & last name, a home/cell phone # ...AND a good time to reach you.

...are you a beginner, but uncertain how/where to start?  
...or maybe a seasoned dancer, but bored with the old?  
See what Mike and Inge bring to each lesson, class or workshop!

Don't waste good R&B, Rock, Motown, Funk, Top40, Pop, HipHop, etc. by just listening!  
Get off your butt and move to it!   Better yet, move together!!   

But want to look 'cool' doing it?   We can show you how ...it's not rocket science!

WHAT'S NEW!! (February, 2018) ... hit "REFRESH" on your browser for the latest updates

    We no longer update this page on a regular basis.    Indeed, for 3 years (2015-2017), it didn't change at all.    But now we can report several MAJOR CHANGES.

    After 19 years doing weekly group classes and programs (various styles, durations and levels of complexity) at several locations around London and SW Ontario, by 2014 we felt the need for a different approach to dancing/teaching -- we had nothing left to prove to ourselves about organizing and teaching weekly group classes over many years.    So we simply stopped in 2014 and turned our focus to private lessons.

    The last 3 years kept us busy with a steady stream of private lessons for couples and singles from London, from across SW Ontario -- even 2 couples from the GTA (a long drive for weekly privates!) involving a wide range of styles, depending on what each couple/single chose to pursue.    During that period we also received invitations to teach workshops elsewhere (mostly the GTA), as well as new cruise opportunities, etc..   

    Which brings us to our "really BIG NEWS"...

    ...following our son's 2015 recruitment by a major player in Silicon Valley (leaving us with no remaining family ties to London), we decided to use his good fortune as an opportunity to move closer to our daughter and her family in Toronto -- and do a MAJOR downsizing at the same time.    In 2015 we put a deposit on a high-rise condo ... then waited for it's completion in 2017.

    So, after living in London Ontario for 46 years...

    • On December 1st, 2017 we moved to GUELPH Ontario (Mike's home town, the place we spent our first 2 years, and a very convenient 1-hour drive from Toronto)

    • We are still available for privates (several styles and levels) or for workshops for your group or gathering -- we welcome those in SW Ontario who expressed interest in continuing with us, as well as new neighbours in the KW-Guelph-GTA area.

    • Our new phone # in Guelph is

      (519) 400-4604

      If no answer, leave a message clearly stating your full name, phone # and a good time to reach you -- if you don't hear back within a day, email us as noted above ...we may be away, though we usually have periodic access to email. (Our former London number [519-495-7424] is no longer in service)

    • We should also acknowledge (with considerable pride) that in 2017 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary!!!


    PRIVATE LESSONS: While privates CAN cost more (depending on your objectives), there is no better way to learn quickly and confidently, and to do it in a shorter timeframe, with greater convenience.    In fact, privates may be the only practical solution for those who work shifts or irregular schedules, for wedding couples with a firm deadline just months away, for those who have an unexpected opportunity to enjoy a cruise or a tropical vacation, to attend some kind of special event, etc., etc. etc..

    However quite often it is simply a matter of individual preference to learn without others watching, and to benefit from individual focus (and attention to detail) which only privates can provide.   

    Normally both of us participate fully in every private lesson, so both of you (leader and follower) will receive personal help throughout -- leaders will learn all manner of tips from a seasoned dancer (Mike) plus the opportunity to refine new moves with an experienced follower (Inge) -- ditto in reverse for followers (tips from Inge and a chance to practice new moves with Mike leading).   

    Please note: We do not offer pre-set, multi-lesson packages -- you pay for each lesson whenever you take it.    In other words, you are totally free to stop any time, or to continue as long as you are having fun and accomplishing YOUR goals.    The choice is always up to you!!!


    PRIVATES ...learn more, learn faster

    ...AND learn WHAT you want, WHEN you want it!!!


    In the past we've been asked to do privates in West Coast Swing (WCS), East Coast Swing (ECS), Nite Club 2-Step (NC2S), Carolina Shag, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Meringue, Hustle and more.





Mike & Inge ...learning from top West Coast Swing experts!!
With Skippy Blair, Atlanta GA, May 2003 With Jordan & Tatiana at Swing Niagara, Buffalo NY (2005) With Skippy Blair, Irvine CA, Oct. 2006

We had 30!! London dancers join us at the "Toronto Open Swing Dance Championships" (2008)

Mid-week Dancing with Mike & Inge ...not bad for London Ontario!!

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