For us, Dancing is a 'LOVE' NOT a 'LIVELIHOOD'
Thank you Ellen and JoJo for showing us what 			good shaggin' looks like!!
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Where We Learned to Dance

We realize our good fortune!!    We have had the opportunity to particiate in classes and weekend workshops in cities and towns from Toronto to Memphis, from Chicago to Atlanta and, more specifically, in large and small localities thoughout the Carolinas.    We'll NEVER forget the kind hospitality that has been extended to us so many times by so many of the clubs, organizers, 'regular folk' and/or competitors who have welcomed "those Canadians" during our travels!!    Moreover, for all of those dancers who took the time to show us more 'new stuff' at the edge of a dancefloor and/or into the wee hours, a special heartfelt acknowledgement from Canada!!    Thank you all!!    (...or maybe that should be "thanks, y'all" :-)

US Mentors

We realize that most people in Canada (as well as beginners or less-travelled dancers elsewhere) may not recognize many of the following names.    No matter!    We know those who are seriously involved with any one of these forms of partnered dancing around North America WILL agree that, in a span of 5 years, we have indeed been luckier than most hobby dancers.    In fact, we have had the good fortune to take 2, 3 or more workshops or classes from many of the following champions.    To each of them, we extend our sincerest appreciation for having helped us in our quest to have fun and enjoy 'their' dances.

Carolina Shag:    Ellen Taylor, Jackie McGee & Charlie Womble, Michael Norris, Sam & Sarah West, Judy Duke, Susie Beaver, Dana Brown and Rod Hagar, along with numerous instructors in local Shag clubs in Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Greensboro, Raleigh and North Myrtle Beach (at the following 'Beach Clubs': Ducks, Fat Harold's, Pivots, Boppers, Weejuns, Reds, Spinners and Thirsty's)

Hustle:    Barry Douglas, Joyce Stoughton, Barry Jones, Bob Bahr and Debbie Berardino

Lindy Hop:    Frankie Manning, Sweden's 'Rhythm Hot Shots' (particularly Catrine Ljunggren), Stephen Mitchell, Margaret Batichouk, Chris Yee, and Teddy Kern

West Coast Swing:    Robert Cordoba and Deborah Szekely , John Festa, Beata Howe, Debbie Ramsey, Mario Robau Jr., Michael Kiehm, Andrea Deaton, Michelle Kincaid, Kelly Buckwalter, Jeannie Tucker, John Lindo, Angel and Debbie Figueroa.

(FOOTNOTE:    It always intrigues us how those who can't dance very well (including some who teach, BTW) are generally more interested in our "credentials" per se than is the case amongst the better dancers we meet.    Go figure ...!!)

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