Because this is our HOBBY, you'll just have to put up with our ENTHUSIASM (and INTEGRITY)
Thank you Ellen and JoJo for showing us what 			good shaggin' looks like!!
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PLEASE NOTE:   We teach in London only when we're in town and if we have time.    We do NOT teach on a regular basis!   (ie. if we're teaching in London, it's a case of "use it or lose it"!)


Click here for a list of Mike and Inge's teaching experiences ...both in London and beyond,
or here to see some feedback received from participants in their classes.


We started teaching Swing and Shag on a limited basis early in 1997, but only after we kept getting repeated requests after mid-1996, from friends and strangers alike, to show them what we were doing whenever we'd go out dancing locally.    Even then, our lack of confidence (Canadian modesty?) made us resist for months -- until dance friends in the US encouraged us to "go home and teach" after we won our first Shag contest in South Carolina in July, 1997.

Our Attitude & Approach

For us, sharing this hobby is a 'love', not a "livelihood'!!    Indeed, we see ourselves as 'dancers first, instructors second', and will gladly return to dancing for our own pleasure whenever local demand fades.    We started teaching only because others asked us to, NOT because we needed to satisfy our egos or to pay off a mortgage.    And who knows, maybe we'll get someone else as 'hooked' on this activity as we are.

Still very much 'students' ourselves as we continue taking workshops from experts elsewhere, we know that humor and patience are critical to the learning process.    And while we realize that having fun is the real objective, doing things the right way not only makes you more confident inwardly, but also makes you look better to anyone watching.

We teach only what we enjoy and do reasonably well -- several authentic styles of Swing (eg. Lindy Hop, the original swing from the 1930s; the 'cool, laid-back' Carolina Shag; and 'smooth, sexy' West Coast Swing) and, to a lesser extent, a variety of hot and cool "Niteclub" styles (eg. Hustle, Salsa, Meringue, Cha-cha, 'Nite-Club 2 Step', etc.).

Finally, it is worth repeating here (since it applies to our teaching as much as to our dancing), that although our 'roots' are in London, our focus lies well beyond!!    We are NOT affiliated in any way with commercial sources of dance instruction in this city (or elsewhere).    Indeed, to our knowledge, we are the only people teaching dance in this city whose knowledge of the styles we do comes not just from a single source (eg. instructor or 'school'), but rather from the widest possible variety of experts around the continent.    In this respect, we are quite unique within London...unfortunately!


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