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From/About Teenagers

"Thank you so much for taking the time to teach our group how to swing!" (Teenage Organizer for Group of 30 teens from Across Ontario)

"Thanks for your input.   It sounds like you have a good amount of experience on this and it is just the thing I was looking for.   I think we will go with the age range you suggested." (E-mail from a Swing Dance club in New England trying to set up a class for teenagers)

From/About University Students

The kids "all enjoyed meeting you two and learning swing.   I heard rave reviews all weekend and I even saw some people practising when we went to a dance club on Sunday night.   We've also never been able to keep the group around that late at an activity on the Saturday night....usually they go back to their rez rooms for cheap drinks as soon as possible! ;  So you certainly got their attention." (National coordinator of an annual conference for 80+ university and college student leaders from across Canada)

Comments Received From Male & Female Students Who Took Courses From Us at the University of Western Ontario

  • I'm "looking forward to coming back to learn some new moves again next year.   Thank you again, for being such good teachers for[sic] Lindy and the Carolina Shag.   I truly had a lot of fun."
  • "... I'm hooked.   I really enjoyed the Beginners class.   Thanks for running it."
  • "... I think it would be a great idea if you guys wanted to run a few workshops."
  • "I am not going to be here this summer.   I would love to learn more in the fall."
  • "I look forward to hearing of your plans regarding classes for next term"
  • "I'm hoping that you will be offering an advanced (at least, beginner advanced) in September"
  • "I'm definitely interested in any workshop you might put together."

From/About Adults (twentysomethings to retirees)

"It was a great treat to see you 'in action'.   The two of you move as one and make the complexities of swing dancing look simple!   I had heard much about your talents and now understand why you get offers for cruise ships!" (Charity committee member)

We "enjoyed your dance teaching.   It was so meet you both.   We hope our paths will cross on another cruise or in another social function." (Retired American doctor, on behalf of a group of friends who attended our lessons on a cruise in March '99)

"A quick note to say how much everyone enjoyed our swing dance lessons.   What a great fun-filled afternoon!   Thank you for helping all of us master the basic steps.   Your enthusiasm for dancing is certainly contagious." (Organizer of an adult group lesson)

"Just a note to thank you for your wonderful dance lessons and superb confidence builders [sic] for 'old folks' like us.   You were wonderful to watch!" (Retired professional couple)

"Thanks for all the help and support..... You guys are outstanding teachers.   A lot of my friends have been asking about Lindy Hop, and how they can learn.   I've already given them your name and number to get in contact with you....   As for me, I would enjoy learning more this summer...with some friends.   I congratulate both of you on a terrific [class]...." (Male twentysomething 'grad' of a 3 hour workshop)

"I am so excited to hear about the other courses that you are teaching.   Please sign me up for the Monday...[course].   I can't wait!" (Female thirtysomething 'grad' of our beginner and intermediate Lindy Hop courses)

"Sure is great news that you are back teaching.   We both really enjoyed your classes over the winter.   You bring a real love for the dance along with an easy and relaxed way of teaching it." (Professional couple in their late fifties)

"I have to say I found the first night REALLY sucky, boring, unprofessional.   Many people were having problems.   They are not good teachers.   No, I am not meaning versus you & Inge.   They are not good teachers period.   They are very mechanical while you & Inge are natural-born teachers and your passion for the dance enhances that.   It's all true but I'll stop just in case your head swells too much." (Thirtysomething professional couple who took both Carolina Shag and Lindy Hop courses from us, but whose friends talked them into going as a group to take a 'Swing' course from another source in London at a time we weren't teaching.)

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