There's nothing sexier than the 'smooth, classic' style of WCS popular in most major cities!
Thank you Ellen and JoJo for showing us what 			good shaggin' looks like!!
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... page updated:  September 11, 2000

When we thought about how to describe West Coast Swing (WCS), we figured nobody had said it any better than two gifted dance friends, Graeme Oxendale and Lisa Jacobs.    We'd had the good fortune to dance with and learn from these experts while they still lived and taught in Toronto... from our start on this hobby in 1995 until they moved to Vancouver in 1998 and 1999 respectively.    These descriptions of WCS are taken directly from their web site.   
Plagarism? ...yes!    A compliment? ...definitely!!
Graeme and Lisa

... is the epitome of cool
... can be slow and elegant, sophisticated and sensual, hip & funky or fast n' hard - depending upon your taste
... is practical: dance it to most forms of music: blues, R n' B, big band, jazz, rock 'n roll, country, hip hop, acid jazz, or popular dance music
... allows women to lead and men to follow if they choose
... is called "The Dancer's Dance"
... encourages improvisation
... is AC/DC

"West Coast Swing" is a contemporary style of swing developed forty years ago on the West Coast - California.    It spread throughout the US and is now the most popular form of swing dancing in North America with WC swing clubs in most North American cities.    Its popularity is based on its amazing variety of styles: it can be slow and elegant, silky and sensual, hip and funky, fast and furious, ballroom style or country style depending upon the region you're in, the music playing or your harmonal rhythms.

"West Coast Swing can be sexy and slithery.
It can be energetic or peaceful.
It can be focused at the feet with syncopations,
Focused at the body with spins, lunges, hesitations, and stops,
Or all of it can be blended and mixed.
Dancing the dance is always a fresh experience.

"For all of these reasons the great female dancers are intrigued.    They enjoy the freedom, creativity, and independence West Coast Swing offers to them... where the women are, the men will follow." - Michael A. Harvey, Editor of WestCoastSwingAmerica

For the man this is a great dance to learn for so many reasons.    Just one of them is that, since women love this dance so much, this creates a huge demand for male West Coast Swing dancers.   When hearing that I can dance WC Swing, I've had women just walk up and kiss me!!  (BUT DON'T LET THAT AFFECT YOU)

  • Guys - do you ever get tired of doing all the work in social dancing?    Always being totally responsible for everything that happens?    Always thinking, planning, leading her, watching traffic and dancing your own steps?    It can be exhausting.

  • Ladies - do you ever get tired of being totally dependent on guys who may only know two moves?    Never being able to express yourself?

  • In WCS, it's different.    If the leader only knows one basic step, a good follower can have fifty different responses to it.    She can express herself and the music.   Guys can stop feeling everything depends upon him.    Wheww!

    "... a dance that will allow you to meet and dance with thousands of swing dancers of all ages throughout North America."


Thanks Graeme and Lisa!!    We miss you!!


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