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... page updated:  August 20, 2008

We focus on the fun of partnered dance, and are known for our use of humor and positive reinforcement to provide practical solutions ...the only way to learn anything!    Our success-oriented classes highlight easy lead-follow technique tips on how to look (and feel) "cool" on a dance floor.

  • Intro to West Coast Swing (WCS #1)   ...partnered dancing simply doesn't get any 'cooler'!!   And you won't believe the music (blues, jazz, pop, etc.)!!   {prerequisite: 2 legs and a heartbeat}   [More info + audio clips]
  • WCS - Level 2 (WCS #2)   ...where the real fun begins!!   Uses the "basics" from WCS #1 to add variety and fun to your dancing. {prerequisite: WCS #1}
  • WCS - Level 3 (WCS #3)   ...even more cool, creative stuff to make your dancing different from the next person {prerequisite: WCS #2}
  • Intro to Nite Club 2-Step (NC2S #1)   ...the smoooooooth way to move as one to slower music you WANT to look on a dance floor (relaxed, not stiff/formal). {prerequisite: 2 legs and a heartbeat} [More info & audio clips]
  • NC2S - Level 2 (NC2S #2)   ...heads will be turning!! {prerequisite: NC2S #1}
IMPORTANT INFO   ...applies to all group courses!!!

PARTNER ROTATION:    As with successful instructors in all styles of partnered dance across North America, we require students to 'rotate' partners throughout each class (don't worry, we organize it) to ensure that everyone learns "the dance" ...instead of how to cope with the (inevitable) 'idiosyncrasies' of a single partner.    Indeed, rotation helps everyone progress more quickly!!    It also turns classes into fun social events and facilitates participation by couples and singles -- including the half of any 'couple' whose partner has to miss a class.    Last but not least, rotation 'saves' numerous relationships's human nature to be pleasant to strangers, but (regrettably) less so with one's spouse or 'significant other'.    Often by the time you're back with your regular partner, you both have a better idea of what you're trying to do ...less need to argue!

Eligibility:    Subject to prerequisites noted for each course (above), an attempt will be made to achieve an approximate balance between leaders and followers registering for each course
PLEASE NOTE:   Although we occasionally get lucky and receive equal numbers of registration requests from singles of both genders, that's clearly the exception.   More typically, at any given point in time we'll receive more overtures from one gender, making it necessary to create an "enrollment wait-list" pending requests from the other.   Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we STRONGLY encourage singles to find a partner with whom to enroll, not only to ensure participation when you want, but to do it BEFORE a course reaches its enrollment limit.   After all, such "partnerships" are for a dance course only, not for a 'relationship'!!   Indeed some singles have been very pleasantly surprised once they've raised the idea with a single relative, work colleague, neighbour, etc.   Regardless, please be advised... we teach dance, we do NOT "grow" partners!!

Location    At the 'Barking Frog' (Richmond @ John St. near downtown London street parking.

Cost:    4-week courses are $70 per person (Students: $50)

Registration:    pre-registration is required (email preferred); fees are due at the first class >>> cash only please!

Footwear:    please wear shoes with soles that are clean, smooth and flexible (not sneakers) and, to be courteous to others during winter weather, do NOT wear footwear you've just worn outside in the snow or slush.

Special Request:    To help those with allergies, please do NOT wear very much perfume, after-shave, etc.

  • Enrolment in each course will be closed as space limitations are reached

  • For further information, please email Mike and Inge

REMEMBER:    Add yourself to our Swing Dance E-mail list for London!!

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