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... page updated:  October 7, 2005

FALL, 2005

West Coast Swing (WCS)

Forget what you thought you knew ...there's nothing 'retro' about this California style!!    WCS is Swing's most evolved form, and not only is it extremely smooth (and sometimes funky), it's ideal for the kinds of music many Londoners hear every day (Rock, R&B, top40, Hip-hop, Jazz, etc.).    But this seemingly endless musical variety is only one reason WCS is popular amongst all ages (twenties to retirees).

Even better, WCS lets you groove with a partner, while at the same time affording each of you an unusually broad scope for creativity and styling.    No other partnered dance gives ladies more freedom to 'shine' within a 'lead-follow' context!

And while some enjoy the vintage costumes worn for other kinds of swing, WCS dancers definitely prefer today’s styles -- from jeans or slacks to cool and sassy (as casual or glitzy as you want).    Just FYI.

Nevertheless, it's the music that drives WCS, and the variety of preferred styles is broad ...the only common element being a tempo range heard every day on London FM stations.    But while this city can listen to it at work, at home, or on the road, regrettably there’s been no local venue where London area adults can dance to it on a regular basis.    UNTIL NOW!!

For more than a year now, the weekly dances of the London Swing Dance Club (LSDC). have been filling this void.

What kind of music do you use for WCS?    Click on the following icons for 40-second audio clips from a few songs perfect for WCS assured, there are hundreds more like these being enjoyed by WCS dancers across North America every week.

Hear Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You"
Hear Bee Gees - "Wedding Day"
Hear Bob James - "Feel Like Making Love"
Hear Bobby Womack - "California Dreaming"
Hear Bruce Springsteen - "Streets Of Philadelphia"
Hear Cameo - "Word Up"
Hear ELO - "Don't Bring Me Down"
Hear Eric Clapton - "My Father's Eyes"
Hear Frank McComb - "Shine"
Hear Glass Tiger - "Diamond Sun"
Hear Herb Alpert - "Rise"
Hear i5 - "Ladidi Ladida"
Hear Level 42 - Something About You"
Hear Nite Flyte - "Open Your Heart"
Hear S Club 7 - "Don't Stop Movin"
Hear The Commitments - "Mustang Sally"
Hear The Police - "Every Breath You Take"

If you can't find something here of even slight interest, you might want to consider selling your CD player and taking up badminton, birdwatching, whatever...

PARTNER ROTATION will be used in this course (see previous page)

  • Enrolment in each course will be closed as space limitations are reached

  • For further information, please email Mike and Inge
    or phone 495-7424

REMEMBER:    Add yourself to our Swing Dance E-mail list for London!!

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