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... page updated:  October 7, 2005

FALL, 2005

Nite Club 2-Step (NC2S)

Created by California WCS dancers looking for a fun, easy way to do 'lead-follow' dancing to slower music, NC2S is known for its smooth, romantic styling (i.e. ideal as a wedding 'first dance' for songs chosen by many couples).    Plus it's perfect for today's small dance floors (nightclubs, cruise ships, etc.) and your partner can "shine on a dime".   

NC2S is being taught in most major cities across North America as well as overseas, but has not yet made it to London ...apart from weekly dances run by the new London Swing Dance Club.    Regardless, NC2S is recognized as one of the easiest forms of partnered dancing to learn and do.    Moreover, itís utility includes the fact that, although aimed at slower music, it (surprisingly) works well with a lot of faster music too.    If you have to learn one dance, make it this one Ė youíll be on the dance floor most of the evening.

What kind of music do you use for NC2S?    Click on the following icons for 40-second audio clips from a few songs perfect for NC2S assured, there are hundreds more like these being enjoyed by dancers in clubs across North America every week.   

Hear Ann Wilson & Mike Reno - "Almost Paradise"
Hear Dan Fogelberg - "Longer"
Hear David Essex - "Rock On"
Hear Eagles - "Hotel California"
Hear Foreigner - "I Want To Know What Love Is"
Hear Lionel Richie - "Truly"
Hear Marion Willliams - "Cool Down Yonder"
Hear Meat Loaf - "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad"
Hear Paul Young - "Oh Girl"
Hear Phil Collins - "True Colors"
Hear REO Speedwagon - "Keep On Loving You"
Hear Ronnie Dove - "On A Slow Boat to China"
Hear Shakatak - "Silver Falls"
Hear Shania Twain - "You're The One I Love"
Hear Steve Miller Band - "The Joker"
Hear Toni Braxton - "Breathe Again"
Hear Whitney Houston - "Exhale [Shoop Shoop]"

If you can't find something here of even slight interest, you might want to consider selling your CD player and taking up badminton, birdwatching, whatever...

PARTNER ROTATION will be used in this course (see previous page)

  • Enrolment in each course will be closed as space limitations are reached

  • For further information, please email Mike and Inge
    or phone 495-7424

REMEMBER:    Add yourself to our Swing Dance E-mail list for London!!

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