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... page updated:  September 22, 2009

MIKE and INGE - "Bio Update" (September, 2009)

For Mike and Inge, dance is a love, not a livelihood ...indeed they wanted no part of a "2nd career" after early-retiring from professional jobs.    Rather, they were attracted to partnered dance as a hobby they could enjoy year-round ...together.

Mike and Inge started with Ballroom in 1994 (the year they turned 50), but within a year they also started traveling to Toronto and the U.S. to learn popular 'nightclub' styles such as Carolina Shag, West Coast Swing, Nite Club 2-Step, Hustle, Salsa, etc. ...forms that not only emphasize smoothness, creativity, "on the fly" choreography and lead/follow technique, but are MUCH better-suited to today’s music and smaller dance floors.

Even after winning 3 contests in the U.S. (where American dance friends encouraged them to teach), they resisted until some London dancers (and local students) asked for lessons.    Since 1997 they've been running classes that continue to attract adults of all ages (20-somethings to retirees).    However their London classes were only the beginning...

Since 1999 Mike and Inge have instructed on 29 sailings (mostly 15 to 30-days) for 5 major cruise lines places like Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.    They also enjoy repeat invitations to teach at major WCS weekends in Canada and the U.S., and have taught for ballroom and swing dance groups in Toronto, Detroit, Buffalo, Beijing China, Cape Town South Africa, Barcelona Spain, London England, Adelaide & Sydney Australia and Auckland NZ.    Few (if any) dance teachers in Ontario can match their experience!!

Mike and Inge have been featured in print and electronic media, assisted various schools and charities, performed with a symphony before 1400 cheering patrons, and demonstrated ‘Carolina Shag’ for North Carolina’s Tourism Bureau at an international travel conference in Toronto.

In class Mike and Inge emphasize the fun of partnered dance, and are best known for their use of humour and positive reinforcement to provide practical solutions (the only real way to learn anything).    Not only are their classes success-oriented, they also enjoy sharing simple yet effective lead-follow techniques, together with tips on how to look (and feel) "cool" on the dance floor.

In contrast to most local instructors -- products of one studio or system and perhaps threatened by new, alternative approaches -- Mike and Inge made a point of learning from numerous experts (well over 60 professionals and champions from across the U.S. ...and beyond).    Not surprisingly, they now encourage their students to seek out those who can broaden their skills and enhance the fun ...indeed they often accompany/send students to workshops in Toronto, NY State, Michigan, etc.

Again, for Mike and Inge, dance (and teaching it) is a love, not a livelihood!!


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